The 5-Step Guide To Turning Your Social Media Fans To Loyal Brand Ambassadors

The 5-Step Guide To Turning Your Social Media Fans To Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Welcome to 2018 - a time when relationships are the new reach. Nowadays, a base of highly engaged fans is actually a more valuable metric than any other. The truth is, brand ambassadors nowadays have a huge impact on your marketing efforts.

If you look at social media engagement like at rocket science, you are not the only one…

There are people. And there are people interacting with you. As more people engage with your posts, the algorithm sees your posts as ‘valuable’ and informative. This, our friends and followers, is what increases the likelihood that other people will be inclined to interact with your posts.

Now that you got the point of social media engagement, let’s dive in to the real ‘rocket science’ here – which is turning your fans to brand ambassadors.

1. Find them…and lock them in

The first step on your mission is to find the potential fans that can become your brand ambassadors. Usually, these are the people who are most enthusiastic about your products or services.

The goal here is to look to social first and always, but seriously always, respond to your fans. This is after all the best way to develop a human voice for your brand, build authority and make your audience feel valued.

As you engage on social media, make sure to evaluate your audience and identify your most engaged fans. A follower interacting with multiple posts, for example, is fit for a brand ambassador.


2. Strengthen your relationships with a social shoutout

Did you know?

Sometimes, the best form of content for your social profile is the “re-posted” type content by your fans. The best thing about this is the following…

A little recognition on social media can turn any lukewarm follower into a brand fanatic. As soon as you see and identify your most shoutout-worthy fans, make sure to show your appreciation by featuring them on your page. Just make sure to ask for permission before sharing the user-generated content.

3. Run social media competitions

Competitions can really help your social media presence – mostly because of the fact that people actually respond. You can boost the rate of photos that get submitted to your account, award your fans and make them win an exclusive prize.

This will also give you an opportunity to recognize your employee champions and devoted social media fans. Just give them a shoutout and highlight the value of each photo posted – saying why do you care and why do you like it.

Just like MINI did in the following example.

4. Involve your fans

Involving your fans in your marketing is key when trying to get more brand ambassadors for your business.

Recently, Snapchat launched an initiative that allows users to turn their lives into an advertisement. Millions of people then became brand ambassadors overnight – imprinting company names with taglines called “sponsored geofilters” as part of the new features unveiled by the social media network.

The initiative has been followed by millions of people worldwide – all in order to help Snapchat convince brands to pay for their sponsored geofilters (so that they could re-promote them afterwards).

Similarly, Facebook lets you encourage the devoted fans to choose “See First” on your Facebook page. If your brand content is among the first things that they see when they open their News Feed, they are very likely to engage.

In order to see your page’s content first, they need to visit your page, click the ‘Following’ button and change the settings from Default to See First.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat

If you find the above mentioned tips successful for building a fan base, you should not stop.

In fact, you should multiply their effects by 10 – even though it may seem impossible to get to everyone. In the end, remember…

A little bit can go a long way. It may take some time to develop super fans – but having them on your side is definitely something you cannot put a price on.

A Final Word

Brand ambassadors will give you quick feedback. They will set a positive tone for other fans – and also help you attract more customers and bolster your engagement rates.

And these are the only metrics that matter nowadays.