7 Ways Social Media Search Engines Help Your Marketing Efforts

7 Ways Social Media Search Engines Help Your Marketing Efforts

Nowadays, the term “social media search engines” can be viewed from many different angles, which is why it is so confusing. For example, when you search this term on Google, you will stumble upon all kinds of results that combine different social media networks together.
However, today we are focusing on the importance of the information on how to boost your visibility on social media as a local business. In other words, we are looking into all the ways a business can expand on social media network through its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Digital Media Statistics (Source: Hootsuite.com)

The end result is a targeted audience which is closer to your business. So, how do you make most of it?

1. Publishing valuable content (regularly)

Providing valuable content is one of the biggest parts of SEO. When linked to social media, content plays an even more important role. The truth is, people listen (and read) content that engages, solves their problem and follows their mission.

Whether it’s a coverage on the latest trends, valuable industry resources/stats or publishing useful and helpful content, the goal is to be consistent and publish content that will help you track your…

2. Analytics

Yes, your analytics. They are the best way to test and see how your content performs – but also a great way to see if your strategy for social media searchines is working. It is wise to remember that social media is only half of the entire picture you should be focusing on.

For example, your analytics can help you see if you are driving users to your website from your (shared) posts – or if they are more keen to check out the page itself. This can give you ideas on how to improve your brand awareness.


Sprout Social is one of the best social media analytics tools you can use.
(Source: SproutSocial.com)

3. Photos

In an era full of information, users have already adapted and know which posts are valuable and which aren’t – from the signals sent from their main images. Often underlooked, images are a key part of quality content and something that entire platforms focus on.

So, now is the best time to focus on visual content and perfect it around your posts.

4. Engagement

This may sound too generic, but an audience that is engaged is more likely to tie in with your brand. Here, there are two factors that actually apply to social media brand engagement: speed and personality.

When it comes to speed, quick engagement via comments, shares and likes is crucial nowadays. For example, it can help and boost your posts’ views on Instagram (via the Explore page).

On the other hand, personalizing your posts to your target audience and sounding more “warm” on social media can help you connect with your customers – whether that means being funny, angry or sad in a particular situation.

5. Hashtags

If you think that hashtags are often overused (or used for things that don’t actually matter), you may be right. However, the important thing is that they are still relevant if you know how to use them.

The biggest importance of hashtags lies in the social media search engines. You can brainstorm, experiment or even coin your own (custom) hashtags for shareable content. Still, the number of hashtags and how you are using them varies from one platform to another.


The global use of social media. (Source: Statista.com)

6. Brand Identity

Like we said earlier, in today’s fast-paced social world full of information, users want to stick only to posts they see as relatable – whether to a brand or to their own habits.

Your job is to make your brand identity clear and unique using a variety of media types. By making your posts unique for your brand, you won’t risk getting phased out (by your competitors).

7. Influencer Marketing

Last but not the least is a tactic that every business should focus on in their social realm – influencer marketing. In short, getting high-profile influencers and making them the face of your brand is effective nowadays – and will play an even more important role in an era where Internet users have developed “ad blindness” where they completely ignore ads of all kinds.

The goal here is to find out and develop ideal personas from your target audience and work with influencers that can impress them, engage with them and encourage them to try your brand.

If you are interested in this technique, make sure to check the best (and free) tools to find influencers related to your industry or niche.

Final Words

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to succeed on social media is through eliciting a tribal response from people. Social media search engines nowadays are very similar to traditional search engines (like Google and Bing) but there are some key differences too.

If you want to fully explore the possibilities that social media is offering nowadays, feel free to contact us and see how can our experts help your business thrive.